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Dedicated Bulk Email Servers EXMG Marketing's dedicated email servers are perfect for professional organizations that have an in house email marketing software but do not want the hassle of dealing with the infrastructure of the network (hardware, bandwidth, and network maintenance).

Let Marketing provide you with the necessary resources to run your preferred email marketing application.

Our open access servers are perfect for marketing organizations that would like to focus on their marketing efforts using their preferred bulk email applications while Marketing takes care of the resources to support it.

With our secure data center and resources, Marketing can set up your open access email marketing servers within 24 hours. Our dedicated email server can be configured to your requirements, such as Windows OS or Linux.

Our standard dedicated email marketing server is a dual Xeon, 1 GIG of memory and 80 Gig of hard drive.

Just install your favorite email marketing software and we will handle the rest.

Let Marketing become your out-source I. T. department. With over 40 full-time staff and one of the most secure and stable networks in the industry, we can provide you with the right solution.

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in your email marketing efforts.

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How Email Server Works:

There are many different types of email - client software in use on the internet, but most email systems use the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP server) protocol to send email, and the Post Office Protocol (POP3 server) to receive email. When a user composes a message and click Send, the computer contacts the user's email server (typically located at an ISP) and delivers the message using the SMTP protocol. In addition to the message itself, the sending computer tells the server the email address of the message recipient.
The SMTP email server accepts the email message and temporarily stores it on the server's hard drive. At this point, the sending computer can disconnect from the server.
The originating email server analyzes the message's "to" address and forwards the message on to the appropriate email server at the recipient's domain. For example, if the message was addressed to "", the originating email server would forward the message to the email server at
The destination email server stores the message until the recipient connects to the server to retrieve his or her email. When the user logs in to the bulk email server, the bulk email server delivers the email message to the recipients email client software and deletes the message from the server.



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