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Welcome to the new design of E-Cents bulk email hosting and marketing service, where you will find all the resources and solutions for your hosting and bulk emailing needs. On this page you will also find our full service Pay-Per-Signup hosting and advertising service, email list rental, the new web based bulk email software, Bulletproof Email Servers and our bulk email hosting packages.

What sets bulk email hosting apart from other bulk email marketing companies is the level of technology and services that can provide. Whether you are looking for an email list, bulk email software or a full service bulk email marketing campaign, we can provide the right solution at the most cost effective price and highest level of customer service.


Click on the product or services that fit your needs:
Are you looking for a full Pay-Per-Signup hosting and advertising service where we will design your email message, host your advertising page, provide guaranteed signups to your business or program?
Are you in need of an email list to market to? Whether it is a consumer email list to a business email list, can query our extensive email list database. 
  bulk email hosting, bulletproof hosting
BULK EMAIL BULLETPROOF SERVERS - (Do you need bulk email BP Server?)
Are you looking for a reliable, stable and fast bulletproof email server? is proud to present to you the most reliable and stable bullet proof email and hosting servers located in the United States.
Are you in need of bulk email software that can handle large volume of emails with full reporting on each bulk email campaigns? Bulk email broadcasting is proud to present to you our bulk email software. 

Are you looking for reliable, stable and fast bulk email hosting? is proud to present our bulk email hosting packages for websites owners that are doing extensive bulk email marketing and are in need of a secure and stable environment. Our extensive website hosting servers are guarantee 99.99% uptime and are all located in USA.

Never get shut down again or have your website hosting account terminated because we will work with you on your special email marketing needs. Also stop losing customers because your website is loading slow because here at, your website will be hosted on a fast and secure network.

No need to go off shore anymore because our bulletproof hosting servers are located all in the USA. With full English speaking customer service support, telephone support and regular business hours, your bullet proof hosting website will be taken care of.

Do not give up features of a regular hosting account because your needs are website hosting. provide you with your email marketing hosting.


. Linux or Windows
. You own domain name
. 50 MB to 1GB storage
. 5 GB - 75 GB transfer
. ASP (Active Server Pages)
. ASP.Net
. MS Access Database
. MySQL databases
. PHP MyAdmin Control 
  Panel for MySQL databases
. Active Perl
. POP3 Email Account -
  150.00 extra (No 
  Broadcasting, No
  Bounce back Collection on
  your POP3 email account)
. DNS Management
. Web Based Control Panel
. Unlimited FTP access
. Phone Support
. P4 hosting server
. 2GB of RAM

. Stable hosting server.
. A secure environment for your website.
. Peace of mind from hackers and criminals.
. Stability.
. Domestic servers - not oversea.
. Servers are located in a secure data center.
. Your website is always online.

Bulletproof Hosting Bronze hosting Package:

. $350.00 per Month
. 50 Megs storage
. 5 GB's Transfer
Silver hosting Package:

. $550.00 per Month
. 250 Megs storage
. 25 GB's Transfer
Bulletproof Hosting Gold hosting Package:

. $800.00 per Month
. 1 GB storage
. 75 GB's Transfer

Contact us today and we can set up your hosting server today.


1. All products or services hosted on our servers must be legal. Nothing illegal will be approved. Absolutely, NO fraudulent schemes or services. We will not host illegal websites which include hate, discrimination, pirated software, or illegal sexual websites. reserves the right to refuse service.

2. NO sub-sites or sub-domains - only one per account will be allowed - if you want more, please purchase additional hosting or server plans.

3. NO mass emailing from the hosting servers. You can lease our mass email servers for large mailing lists.

4. All outbound emails for marketing must include a working remove/opt-out option if you do not use our email broadcasting service.

To learn about our advertising services or products, please choose the advertising solution that is best suited to your needs:

- Looking for a full Pay-Per-Signup hosting and advertising package ?....... Click Here
- Need an email list to market to? ....................................................Click Here

- Looking for a bulk email software for large volume?.............................. Click Here

- Looking for reliable and stable bulk email bulletproof hosting?...................Click Here

- Need a Bullet Proof Email Server?...................................................Click Here


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