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I was skeptical at first but after using the "Do nothing" co-op master program for three months I now have full confidence in their ability to deliver. It is really nice to have someone brings in business for you while you sit back and watch. This program is definitely for me. A.M. Ayashe, TN


Thanks to the Co-op Master program, I generated few EAs since I joined ... Not Bad! Keep up the good work guys.
G. Kramer, SFI Team Leader, FL


 I am new to internet advertising and the SFI program, but the E-cents' Co-op Master program for SFI really helped me get started on the right track and I'm now on my way to become a TL. Thank you e-cents.com. 
regards, A. Sloan, GA 


You finally done it guys. Your e-cents Co-op Master program is a true blessing for SFI. If you keep generating those kinds of results for me I will stay with you for a long time. Thanks!
Sincerely, M. Dune, CA



Co-op Master for SFI Marketing Group


Introducing the NEW  "DO NOTHING"


Co-op Master for SFI Marketing Group

Strong Future International Marketing Group (SFI)

A new marketing revolution at work!



How would you like to put your SFI business on Autopilot?



The "DO NOTHING" Co-op Master program will no doubt give all SFI affiliates, EAs and Team Leaders the edge they've been looking for that will help them achieve great success with SFI. This fully-automated program is designed to do the work while meeting our highest standards - with many more enhancements, greater deliverability rate, much higher-quality results and a solid advertising system that everyone can count on. 


The new CO-OP MASTER program for SFI will give you a complete peace of mind using SFI's Maximum Income Plan - including but not limited to affiliate generation using the NEW Triple Clicks system, complete follow-up system of 25+ messages to help  

convert your affiliates to EAs and thoroughly explains SFI to your new affiliates and even answers their inquiries.
  1. SPONSORING: Since our co-op Master program is design to sponsor affiliates in the first place, we will continue doing this step first.

  2. REFERRING: NEW After we sponsor SFI affiliates under your name our system will automatically refer them to your TripleClicks.com webpage to get them started right away.

  3. Duplication: NEW This is the best and most generous part of all. We will be giving away 10 (ten) free affiliates to everyone of your newly sponsored affiliates if they become EAs. Let me repeat that. Our system will advertise your SFI Tripleclicks webpage using our follow-up series, and we give every one of your newly coop sponsored affiliates 10 free SFI affiliates if they become EAs. You just send us their SFI ID and we'll take care of it.

Program Highlights:
  • Based on Co-op Shares;
  • Affiliates sign up through the SFI Free Gateway;
  • Guarantees a minimum number of SFI Affiliates per share (see below);
  • Utilizes a very powerful series of affiliate follow-ups (over 25 messages), newsletter and many educational and business material;
  • Uses Top Quality Surveyed Leads (similar to SFI Profile info);
  • Capable of feeding any SFI Team Leader Co-op;
  • All for the same affordable monthly subscription fee. See our CPS (cost per share) below

   The NEW E-cents.com "DO NOTHING" Co-op Master program for SFI is a true revolution in today's most challenging online market - where guaranteed results are our bottom line.

 Our years of experience in this field show that success in any affiliate program requires two elements that can transform an unsuccessful time-wasting business into a very rewarding cash machine. These two elements are:

 1- Ongoing Quality Affiliate Signups 
 2- Good Follow-up System that creates the momentum needed to
     transform affiliates into a powerful work-force and enable them to
     duplicate the same process over and over again.

How Does the Co-op Work?

- Co-op Share - is an equal portion of all leads generated and distributed among all co-op members.

- Minimum Guarantee - the co-op guarantees a minimum of 60 SFI affiliates per share. An SFI affiliate represents someone who has responded to our advertisement for the SFI business opportunity and have signed up as an affiliate in SFI under a co-op member's SFI ID. Of course, the number above can go higher - based on the date and time of advertisement. 

 - Quality Surveyed Leads - this is the Most Important factor of all, and what makes this co-op so unique! Because most co-ops generate random sign-ups from people who are mostly browsing around and not really serious about having a business. However, our surveyed leads are true candidates for SFI - hand-picked from amongst millions of people who have expressed specific interest in joining an online opportunity, ready to invest time and money, and have also provided specific financial and goals information (similar to SFI Profile info.).

- SFI Affiliates Generation Process - our alliances with some of the top advertising companies in the US and Canada give us a unique exposure to some of the best business surveyed leads that we receive on a monthly basis. As a first step of generating our Co-op affiliates, We process the leads as follows:

  1. Sort out and distribute the leads amongst all our Co-op members based on the number of shares ordered in each co-op period;
  2. Upload all sorted leads to our mailing server using a special email software;
  3. Send an SFI-specific email advertisements on behalf of each of our SFI-Co-op members about the SFI business opportunity program and ask them to join. 

- Affiliate Follow-ups - in addition to generating SFI affiliates, a series of 25+ email follow-up messages are sent to all new affiliate signups, starting from their first day and continues for about 60 days thereafter. This follow-up series is designed to give new affiliates a head-start on the SFI program by showing them all the benefits and the steps needed for their success. These messages are also consistent with the email messages sent to them from SFI. 

- SFI Team Leader Co-op - our "Do Nothing" Co-op Master program is also designed to automatically feed any SFI team leader co-op. Therefore, if you are an SFI team leader with your own co-op, we can generate SFI affiliates for you using your own SFI co-op keycode where it gets distributed among your SFI affiliates under your control. All you need to do here is create your own TL co-op under your SFI account and send us your co-op keycode and SFI ID along with your order, and we will take care of the rest for you.

Finally, The NEW E-cents.com "Do Nothing" Co-op Master program for SFI is designed to create success for all SFI affiliates, EAs, and Team Leaders. Therefore, we invite you today to take advantage of this program and add a new success story to SFI by becoming a great leader under the SFI umbrella.

To order, see our pricing chart below.

Frequently Asked questions

How much does a Co-op Master share cost?
Just $55 per share (see chart below).

What key code is used for affiliates generated by the Co-op Master?
All Co-op Master signups go under Key code 5555. This key code will appear in your Genealogy report, Affiliate Notifications and Full Access Report. However, if you need to use a special keycode or have your own Team leader Co-op, you can attach your special keycode with your order.

How do I follow up on my Co-op Master affiliates?
At this point, we recommend that you only send your pre-set welcome letter that automatically goes out from SFI and we handle the rest. However, you can follow up with your EAs so you can work together to achieve more. You can also follow up with dormant affiliates after a period of sixty days to see if you can get them to become more active with SFI. Therefore, for general information on how to do effective follow-ups, check out the Business Building & Follow-Up Tips training articles. 

Where will my new affiliates generated by the Co-op Master be placed?
On your first generation or the first generation of the assigned sponsor in your TL co-op.

What is the schedule for the Co-op Master?
Co-op Master is a MONTHLY Co-op that runs on a month-to-month schedule. We process orders on a daily basis, pay our advertising agent to produce our fresh surveyed leads, then, send all produced leads to our campaigns server for SFI affiliate generation. Therefore, it will typically take about 15 days to begin receiving affiliates and continues regularly month after month. Therefore, it will be more rewarding for you to maintain a monthly subscription and continue to receive affiliates without interruption.

How will I know how well the Co-op Master is working for me?
You'll be sent a notification from SFI each time a sign-up is generated for you. Your Co-op Master-generated PSAs will also appear in your Genealogy under key code 5555 or the special keycode that you submitted with your order.

How do I cancel a standing order for the Co-op Master?
To cancel a Standing Order, do the following:

   - Paypal orders: Click the following button and follow the screen:

Place your order today
We Accept:  



Pkg. # / Shares

 Monthly Cost


1 Co-op Master Share - Minimum 60  $55.00 Buy now!
SFI  ID/ Keycode
2 Co-op Master Shares- Minimum 120  $108.00 Buy now!  
SFI  ID/ Keycode
3 Co-op Master Shares - Minimum 180  $160.00 Buy now!  
SFI  ID/ Keycode
4 Co-op Master Shares - Minimum 240  $214.00 Buy now!  
SFI  ID/ Keycode
5 Co-op Master Shares - Minimum 300  $264.00 Buy now!  
SFI  ID/ Keycode
6 Co-op Master Shares - Minimum 360  $318.00 Buy now!  
SFI  ID/ Keycode
7 Co-op Master Shares - Minimum 420  $370.00 Buy now!  
SFI  ID/ Keycode
8 Co-op Master Shares - Minimum 480  $420.00 Buy now!  
SFI  ID/ Keycode
9 Co-op Master Shares - Minimum 540  $472.00 Buy now!  
SFI  ID/ Keycode
10 Co-op Master Shares - Minimum 600   $499.00 Buy now!  
SFI  ID/ Keycode
 For larger orders, please email us at: sales@e-cents.com 
 Note: The "Do Nothing" Co-op Master is a MONTHLY Co-op that runs on a month-to-month schedule. We process orders on a daily basis, pay our advertising agent to produce our fresh surveyed leads, then, send all produced leads to our campaigns server for SFI affiliate generation. Hence, purchases of Co-op Master shares are non-refundable. Any order placed this month will typically begin to receive affiliates in about 10 days. 

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