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Dedicated WebPage Hosting

 Dedicated Webpage hosting. What does it exactly mean? 
First, this is definitely not your average webpage hosting that you get from Yahoo, host4profit etc... I'm sure that the last thing we need here is to have another hosting service. So, what is this all about then? 

As you may already know that most web hosting providers these days have become very little tolerant of spam complaints - even if there were no legitimate ground for them. They can often shot you down for even one simple complaint before hearing your side of the story. Same thing goes to most online programs and business opportunities where they will not allow their members to use their website or gateway URL in any email marketing with disregard to whether it was a CAN-SPAM compliant or not. That's why we decided to come up with a solution that allows good and honest marketers to be able to promote their business by email without taking the risk of losing their business or web hosting accounts. dedicated webpage hosting is by no means a way to spam other people. On the contrary, it was designed only for those who are committed to responsible, ethical and decent email marketing that complies with all regulations defined in the CAN-SPAM act of 2003.

So here's how it works: 

If you have a program that you need to advertise using a gateway page and/or signup form, we can host a special page for you that looks exactly like your page and give you a special link to use in your advertising. Also, if this page has a signup form, we'll customize that form to automatically submit your new signups information straight to your program without being recorded on our server. This way you can protect yourself against some potential complaints.

This service is quite simple and does not require any work on your part. You just need to give us the URL of your gateway page at the time of placing your order and we'll take care of the rest.

To order, click the Add To Cart button below and follow the screen. 

We Accept:  





 Advertising Gateway page Monthly hosting (no setup fee)  $29.95



 Important: Please make sure to include your entry/advertising page URL in the corresponding field on the check-out form.

 * Please allow five working days for account setup.

Terms of service: This service is available only for customers using our email leads in their email campaigns. 
We also require that the user of this service fully complies with the following CAN-SPAM regulations: 
1- Each email sent must have a valid reply to email address;
2- A valid and working Remove link;
3- Must honor all remove requests;
4- a valid mailing address some where in the email;
5- No misleading subject lines, and prefer to have the word "advert" or "advertisement" at the beginning of the subject line.

** has the right to terminate this service at anytime without prior notice.


* For a complete email marketing and hosting solution Click here
* To sign up for opt-in email leads order only Click here  



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