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Email Marketing System 





A Complete Email Marketing Solution in one affordable package! 


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Welcome to email marketing system. Are you interested in advertising your online business just like the pros. and without spending a major buck? has the solution! Considering the increasing demands for a good and effective email marketing solutions that can be safely used by the new and inexperienced online marketers - while keeping in mind the new CAN-SPAM regulations and the potential risk of being shut down for sending bulk emails to potential new customers. has been making every effort to provide a safe solution that everyone can use without having to spend a mega buck on bullet-proof email and web hosting servers. Although, the new CAN-SPAM law has contributed to partially reducing junk emails from reaching your inbox, it has also, created some negative aspects by cutting the road on new low-budget online marketers from using this huge marketing potential and only became available to those who can afford to spend big money on big servers and tolerant ISPs.

Here at we firmly believe and support all laws that are implemented to reduce SPAM and prevent the abuse of this great media - while at the same time feel that it is only fair that this media should be available to anyone with a good online business or program where they can safely use email marketing without being hung for a fault that the big email abusers have created to start with. 

Therefore, after making a considerable effort to find a complete, reliable and affordable solution that can be attained by any legitimate online marketer - novice or pro, we were able to came up with a good system by utilizing our long experience, and strategic alliance with one of the largest online marketing solution providers in the US (Expedite Marketing Group) that can be put to work for you within few days. 

In order for this type of marketing to work, you will need three essential components that can make email marketing a good and effective solution for your buck. 

1 - A bulk email software that resides on an email server that can tolerate reasonable complaints. Why? simply because there are always cases where people complain about receiving your emails even though they have opted-in for it and you followed all CAN-SPAM laws to the letter. This has lately gotten so bad where your typical ISP or online program company may terminate your membership with them or put you on probation for receiving one simple complaint that you may not otherwise be able to prove invalid.

2 - A hosting server to host your advertising or gateway page with the ability to automatically submit your new signups to your program using a different link from your actual gateway URL. 

3 - A true opt-in email list that can produce good results and little complaints.

As we mentioned above, these three components are very expensive if you were to lease them yourself. You can expect to pay over two thousand dollars per month on the lower side - and that's quite normal for these types services. 

Our system has been carefully designed to provide all the above three components in a affordable and convenient packages that can fit anyone's budget. We have combined all three components for you so you can start benefiting from it as fast as possible. 

For example: If you choose the first package (emark #1): You will get 5000 email leads with names, addresses, etc., one advertising webpage hosted on our server and a bulk email sending account will be open for you so you can email up to 5000 emails per month. Package #2 (emark #2): You will get the same but it will be 10,000 leads and 10,000 email sending capability. Etc...

To benefit from this unique offer, place your order today using our shopping cart by selecting the package that best fits your advertising budget and click the Add-To-Cart button. 


- No long term commitments.

- All in one system - Capture Opt-in Emails and Add your current list
- Pay as you go month by month

- Best pricing in the industry - guaranteed!

- Never a hidden charge

- One time set up fee (only $100.00)

- Simple to understand pricing structure.

We Accept:  

Monthly subscriptions including email lists and one webpage:



Monthly Cost


 emark #1  5,000 emails Package  $59.00

Link and demo will be emailed

 emark #2  10,000 emails Package  $79.00 Link and demo will be emailed
 emark #3  50,000 emails Package  $159.00 Link and demo will be emailed
 emark #4  100,000 emails Package  $199.00 Link and demo will be emailed
 emark #5  500,000 emails Package  $489.00 Link and demo will be emailed
 emark #6  1 Million emails Package  $919.00 Link and demo will be emailed
 emark #7  2 Million emails Package  $1699.00 Link and demo will be emailed
The charge for any emails over your monthly plan is at 0.05 cents per email

(EXAMPLE: You have a 5000 emails a month plan. You sent 5100.00. That is over 100 email plan. 100 X 5 cent = 5.00 additional to be charged.)

 Important: On the check-out form you need to include your Gateway Page URL
 and email address where you can receive large email attachments.

Monthly subscriptions for email sending only:



Monthly Cost


 email #1  1 - 1,000 emails  $20.00

Link and demo will be emailed

 email #1  1,001 - 5,000 emails  $35.00 Link and demo will be emailed
 email #1  5,001 - 10,000 emails  $49.00 Link and demo will be emailed
 email #1  10,001 - 50,000 emails  $79.00 Link and demo will be emailed
 email #1  50,001 - 100,000 emails  $129.00 Link and demo will be emailed
 email #1  100,001 - 500,000 emails  $249.00 Link and demo will be emailed
 email #1  500,001 - 1,000,000 emails  $499.00 Link and demo will be emailed
 email #1  1,000,001 - 10,000,000 emails  $749.00 Link and demo will be emailed
 email #1  10,000,001 - 30,000,000 emails  $995.00 Link and demo will be emailed
 email #1  30,000,001 - 50,000,000 emails  $1395.00 Link and demo will be emailed
 email #1  50,000,001 - 100,000,000 emails  $1795.00 Link and demo will be emailed
 email #1  100,000,001 - 150,000,000 emails  $2500.00 Link and demo will be emailed
 email #1  150,000,001 - 200,000,000 emails  $2850.00 Link and demo will be emailed

 * Please allow five working days for account setup.

 For larger orders please email us at: 


 To learn more about our email marketing system and Expedite Simplicity software,
 please contact us at:


* To sign up for opt-in email leads order, Click here  
* To signup for our dedicated webpage hosting Click here

What makes's Email Marketing system different from the rest?

. No Software to Buy - Nothing to download - No software setup.
. No More Bandwidth and ISP Problems.
. Lowest cost for email broadcasting - Guaranteed!
. Lowest cost for opt-in leads - Guaranteed!
. Full reporting with each email campaign.
. Everything is on our server and bandwidth.
. Web Based - Connect to it from anywhere in the world.
. Large volume email list capabilities and emailing delivery.
. No technical skills needed to run our software.
. No long term commitments- pay monthly as you go.
. Built in CAN-SPAM Law compliance features.

. Bounce Back tracking of emails.

With Email Marketing System, there is nothing to download, nothing to set up, and there is no system requirements because you are using Email Marketing Software on our computers, our bandwidth and our network. There are no technical skills needed to work with our software because our software was designed to let email marketers focus on their success of their email marketing campaigns and not the technical side.

For pricing and ordering, click here

Software Features


. Web based email marketing software
. Full ASP Service (Application Service
. Send out large volume email campaigns.
. Store unlimited amount of email addresses.
. Fast upload of your email list into the
. Ability to label and track email marketing
. Add or delete email lists
. Automatic unsubscribe of opt-out email
  addresses from your email list.

. No Branding on your email message. Your
  customers will never see our branding.

. We take care of the hardware and bandwidth
   for your email marketing campaign.
. Nothing to download
. Real-time email list campaign reporting.
. Able to view how many people viewed your
. Able to view how many people clicked
  through from your message to your website
. Able to view how many people opt-out of
  your email campaign.
. Utilize our bandwidth - Not your ISP
. Utilize our servers
. You control your own email marketing

Our Software and Network is hosted and maintained in a Class 1 datacenter. Our servers and bandwidth are backed by a highly secure redundant system utilizing highly burstable bandwidth -- Features of our network and datacenter:

  • Redundant systems and fail-over for servers, CPUs, hard-drives, and power.
  • 24x7 service on hardware.
  • Power backups with double redundancy.
  • Open and scalable architecture.
  • Regular data backups.
  • Burstable, highly scalable bandwidth for high-volume email delivery.


Live Demo of Expedite Simplicity Email Marketing Software:

This is a full functioning demo where you will be able to get a great feel of what you can do with our software. The only restriction is that it will not be able to send out emails yet until you set up an account with us. So go ahead and email us at: so we can arrange a test drive for you.


 For pricing and ordering, click here

* To sign up for opt-in email leads only, Click here  
* To signup for our dedicated webpage hosting only Click here


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