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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Why should I use a mass emailing service?

Most people do not have the bandwidth or the special software needed to send out large amount of emails. Most people utilize outlook or a web base email client that limits their ability to broadcast mass emails. At, we utilize EXMG (Expedite Media Group) who have developed the online based software and have obtained the bandwidth in order to fulfill any size of mass emailing. Also, most people's ISP does not like them to do any form of mass emailing because of the bandwidth usage. For most companies, out sourcing mass emailing to is the best and cheapest solution.

Q: How many emails can you send out?

At peak and optimized hours, EXMG and can send out about 1,000,000 emails per hour. We currently have 100MB lines dedicated to this service with 12 servers on double redundancy in our network.

Q: What is the difference between an HTML message and a text message?

HTML messages are messages that have pictures or graphics within them. The message is like a web page because the pictures or graphics need to be hosted on a server. When a person is viewing the message, the pictures or graphics are called from that server. It sounds technical but does it all for you. When you upload your HTML message into the program, your message is hosted on our servers. For text message, most are regular text message with a link to website and contact email. can do both.

Q: Can design my HTML message?

Yes, just contact us and we can design your message for you. We will require the pictures and text that you would like to be in your message.

Q: How long does it take for my message to be sent out using your 4 steps emailing program?

After you go through the four steps, you can expect your message to be sent out in about 24 hours to 48 hours. The delay is for quality review of the message and the list is inspected by a technical person. Also, we do a content review based on our rights to refuse any messages that contain violence, hate or discrimination, illegal sexual acts, and illegal substances. Once reviewed, the email broadcasting campaign is queue up on our servers and sent out.

Q: When is the reporting of my campaign expected using your full service?

Once your email list is broadcasted, a "confirmation report" will be emailed to you. Within 72 hours, an opt-out report (a list of people requesting not to receive your advertisement) will be sent to you.

Q: Do you attach any advertising of your company on the email message?

No. Never. The message that you upload is what your viewer will see. We will not add or subtract anything within your message. We are a big believer in being seamless between companies and their clients. That means your clients will think that the message came directly from you. Which it did! The only tag your client or prospect will see is a statement asking if they would like to opt out from your future email campaign, they will click on the link to be removed from your list.

Q: Does the "opt out tag" have to be attached to my message?

Yes, the tag does not display our name or where it comes from but the tag will be placed there for people who want to be removed from your list. We believe that each person should be able to interact with you stating if they do not want to receive your messages in the future. We will not send out emails without giving the person the opportunity to remove themselves from your email list.

Q: I have heard that I can get in trouble with my ISP for doing mass email broadcasting. Will I get a call from my ISP?

No. Everything is on our network backbone. Our bandwidth. Our servers. You will not be getting any phone calls from your ISP because they are not involved in any way. We use our own SMTP servers and we do email broadcast campaigns the right way. We always give people the right to opt out and ensure that it is honored.

Q: Does reject any email campaign?

Yes. We do not endorse nor will we participate in any form of mass emailing for:
. Any violent messages.
. Any hate or discrimination messages.
. Any illegal sexual messages.
. Any illegal substance messages.

As an internet marketing company, we are true believers in First Amendments Rights; however, we also believe that the First Amendment comes with responsibility. As long as your message does not contain any of the material listed above, we will be more than happy to service you. We reserve the rights to refuse any campaign based on our policy. Please click here to view our

terms and conditions.



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