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Welcome to internet marketing system. The one stop for all your website and email marketing needs.'s revolutionary marketing system is truly one of a kind - tailored to the needs of most internet business starters, small and midsize businesses and money-making programs. We have several programs that can help you reach your advertising goals with disregard to any previous experience in the field, based on your advertising budget and without any long-term commitment.

Our programs are simple and very affective, with the means to provide our customers an excellent service with disregard to the size of business or advertising dollars.

As a start, you can decide your advertising solution from the following categories:

- Co-op Master for SFI Marketing Group

Unmatched Service for an Unmatched Price! The new Co-op Master program for SFI Marketing Group is literally one of the most unique programs out there. It is designed to provide any SFI affiliate, EA or SFI Team leader with an unmatched service that can put your SFI business in front of thousands of qualified new business candidates fast and at a very affordable price.

- Pay-Per-Signup (SFI)

If you are currently an SFI Marketing Group affiliate with a valid SFI ID, our Pay-Per-Signup Dedicated Webpage (PPSDW) program can help you. There's no simpler and more effective way to get profit-making new signups to your SFI business than our PPSDW service.

- Pay-Per-Signup (PPS)

This program is simply designed with everyone in mind. Here we have successfully packaged most aspects of your advertising needs into one program that can fit everyone's budget large or small - while we remain very competitive and quite ambitious to handle multiple large campaigns and maintain the same high quality and timely delivery.

- Email Marketing

This program is great for businesses and individuals who want to generate leads specifically interested in their program or service. We do this by sending special emails about your program or service and request people to signup to your program using our own servers and own special forms, therefore eliminating any chance of complaints that you may get using the conventional way. 
Although our lists are verified opt-in and double opt-in, no matter how clean a list is, no email sender can completely guarantee zero complaints. That's why our email marketing system is designed to shield our customers from having to deal with this issue at anytime. [Click Here] for details and pricing.

- Bulk Email Hosting

Are you looking for reliable, stable and fast bulk email hosting? is proud to present our bulk email hosting packages for websites owners that are doing extensive bulk email marketing and are in need of a secure and stable environment. Our extensive website hosting servers are guarantee 99.99% uptime and are all located in USA.

Never get shut down again or have your website hosting account terminated because we will work with you on your special email marketing needs. Also stop losing customers because your website is loading slow because at, your website will be hosted on a fast and secure network.

No need to go off shore anymore because our bulletproof hosting servers are located all in the USA. With full english speaking customer service support, telephone support and regular business hours, your bullet proof hosting website will be taken care of.

Do not give up features of a regular hosting account because your needs are website hosting. Let provide you with your email marketing hosting.

- Dedicated Webpages

This special program is great for those who need to have one page advertisement for their internet business or program that can include a submission form, affiliate link etc.

- Opt-in/Double Opt-in Leads

Are you in the need of an email list to market to?

Here at we cater to clients in search of an email list that they are looking to market to. Whether you are selling a product or service, can provide you with a targeted email list or a bulk email list. can query and obtain a targeted email list or customized email lists for you. The email lists are all verified emails and 100% opt-in. We currently have 30 - 42 million emails and are constantly updating our list through special interest web sites and other companies' alliances.

- Bullet-Proof Email Hosting and Servers Marketing's dedicated email servers are perfect for professional organizations that have an in house email marketing software but do not want the hassle of dealing with the infrastructure of the network (hardware, bandwidth, and network maintenance).

Let Marketing provide you with the necessary resources to run your preferred email marketing application.

- Auto Responders

If you have your own dedicated Linux Email server or looking to lease one from us, we recommend a great auto responder software for you. We have several licenses of the famous Autoresponse Plus (ARPlus) software at a discount rate. ARPlus is literally one of the absolute best auto responders that we've ever used.

Please contact for more details.


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