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Opt-In/Double Opt-in Leads






These leads are between 90 and 120 days old true opt-in US opportunity leads that have been tested for responsiveness and achieved great results. 

All Leads Contain 100% Opt-in: First Name, Last Name, Email, (75%+ Phone), Street Address, City, State, Zip, IP Address, and Time Date Stamps and They can be used in direct mailing, email campaigns or Auto responders. 


These leads typically sell for three times more than the listed price. However, considering our long term relations with some of the largest lead generators in the country we acquire these leads in large quantities at a reduced wholesale so we can transfer the savings to our customers. Also, it is very important to note that we only sell our leads twice and to different types of businesses so you don't have to worry about the same lead receiving same offer from different people. 


To benefit from these great savings, place your order today using our Paypal or shopping cart by selecting the package that best fits your advertising budget and click the corresponding button.


We Accept:  

To order, please contact our sales department at:




 Ldpk#1  45,000 leads Pack (Monthly Subscription)  $39.95 /M
 Ldpk#2  45,000 leads Pack (One-Time Order)  $49.95
 Ldpk#3  100,000 leads Pack (Monthly Subscription)  $69.00 /M
 Ldpk#4  100,000 leads Pack (One-Time Order)  $79.00
 Ldpk#5  200,000 leads Pack (Monthly Subscription)  $129.00 /M
 Ldpk#6  200,000 leads Pack (One-Time Order)  $139.00
 Ldpk#7  500,000 leads Pack (Monthly Subscription)  $249.00 /M
 Ldpk#8  500,000 leads Pack (One-Time Order)  $269.00
 Ldpk#9  1 Million leads Pack (Monthly Subscription)  $479.00 /M
 Ldpk#10  1 Million leads Pack (One-Time Order)  $499.00

Important: On the check-out form please include your email address  where you can receive large email attachments, and the program name under the "Program Name" field so we make sure that you get unique leads.

 * Please allow 3 - 4 working days for delivery (typically within 24 hours).

 For larger orders or different types of lists, please email us at: 

* For a complete email marketing and hosting solution, Click here
* To signup for our dedicated webpage hosting Click here


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