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Pay-Per-Signup (PPS) Dedicated WebPage Advertising 




Guaranteed Affiliates for SFI Marketing Group!

  If you are currently an SFI Marketing Group affiliate with a valid SFI ID, our Pay-Per-Signup Dedicated Webpage (PPSDW) program can help you.

  With our PPSDWSFI program we can guarantee you at least 25 - 35 SFI affiliates per unit and for a very affordable price. There's no simpler and more effective way to get profit-making new signups to your SFI business than our PPSDW service.

Please see our chart below for more details is committed to making each of your advertising cents count! Our PPSDW (Pay-Per-Signup Dedicated Webpage) Advertising program is designed to bring you results fast!

  Our (PPSDW) system will eliminate the guess work and provide you with the affiliates that can make you money instead. These signups are generated specifically for your SFI business using the SFI free gateway offer hosted on our server. We generate these signups for you so they can help you build your SFI business fast.
  Based on the new SFI compensation plan, you will only need four EAs to pay for your advertisement and the rest will become sheer profit for you month after month. This can even spell more money for you if you are a team leader.

  Our PPSDW program for SFI is truly the most unique in today's market because it simply combines several aspects of your marketing needs into one simple program that can fit your budget large or small. 

  Starting with a small amount that you can afford, we can now host your SFI advertising, and create a series of campaigns on your behalf to generate the number of affiliates that you purchase, we also have a series of follow-up message that we send to your new affiliates to help them better understand SFI and encourage them to become EAs. There's absolutely no doubt in our mind that this service is exactly what every SFI affiliate and team leader needs, simply because we do our homework so you can sit back and watch your SFI business grow. To see our preset packages and decide the number of units that you need Click Here.

  It is important to note that this type of marketing is usually very expensive and un-attainable by many starters because it involves some considerable resources that only large companies can afford. However, our collective efforts and sizable customer base gives us the leverage to provide this service at a very reduced price while maintaining high standards .

  Here's how our PPSDW program works:

1- We host a special advertising page using the SFI FREE gateway and rotate our campaigns with all affiliates' SFI IDs and keycodes on a weekly basis. Then, our special tracking system provides us with a real-time list of the sign-ups under each SFI ID and keycode.

2- We send a series of email campaigns using our pre-screened, verified opt-in mailing lists of people who are interested in starting a home/internet business such as SFI. 

3- We keep sending your offer on a weekly basis until you reach or exceed the number of affiliates that you ordered. 

4- We send a series of special follow-up messages to all new signups starting from the minute they register under you. We currently send three messages and already working on the rest which will reach seven messages in total. The reason we do this is because we want to explain SFI to as many of your affiliates as possible before you start dealing with them. Therefore, we recommend that you wait couple of weeks before emailing them so we don't scare them away with so many emails.

5- We continue the same process every month for as long as you are on a standing order with us.

6- We stay in touch with you to make sure that you're getting the desired results from the signups that we generate for you.

7- Delivery of your affiliates typically begins after three to four weeks from order and continues for about 30 days after that. The reason for that is due to the fact that we have to reserve a spot for each campaign two weeks in advance, setup your campaigns and get them into our weekly rotation plan. This time frame is only an estimate because there are many variables in advertising that cannot always be controlled.

Click Here to order Using: Paypal or Credit Cards

  Join our PPS Dedicated Webpage Advertising program today and start enjoying the benefits of making your SFI business rocket while you sleep.
  This service is usually very costly because it involves dedicated hosting on a special email server, designing of the mailing campaigns, plus the high cost of pre-screened and verified mailing lists. However, considering our large customer base and the close ties with some one of the largest advertising and server host companies in the USA, we are able to provide our customers with the best service for a much lower price than what the market has to offer. 
To benefit from this unique special, place your order today using our shopping cart or Paypal below: 
We Accept:  
Monthly Subscriptions are as follow:

Pkg. #
/ Unit




 25 - 35 Signups 

SFI  ID/ Keycode

 55 - 65 Signups 

SFI  ID/ Keycode
 85 - 95 Signups   $159.00
SFI  ID/ Keycode
 115 - 125 Signups   $219.00
SFI  ID/ Keycode
 145 - 155 Signups   $271.00
SFI  ID/ Keycode
 175 - 185 Signups   $325.00
SFI  ID/ Keycode
 205 - 215 Signups   $376.00
SFI  ID/ Keycode
 235 - 245 Signups   $426.00
SFI  ID/ Keycode
 265 - 275 Signups   $475.00
SFI  ID/ Keycode
 295 - 305 Signups   $525.00
SFI  ID/ Keycode
 325 - 335 Signups   $573.00
SFI  ID/ Keycode
 355 - 365 Signups   $620.00
SFI  ID/ Keycode
 385 - 395 Signups   $669.00
SFI  ID/ Keycode
 415 - 425 Signups   $719.00
SFI  ID/ Keycode
 445 - 455 Signups   $765.00
SFI  ID/ Keycode
 475 - 485 Signups   $810.00
SFI  ID/ Keycode
 505 -515 Signups   $850.00
SFI  ID/ Keycode


 For larger orders, please email us at: 
 To cancel your standing order, please email us at: 
Refund Policy: Since we pay for our advertising in advance and delivery of service is dictated by our advertising partners, refunds cannot be possible unless there are some unique situation that prevents the company from continuing this service and decides to issue refunds based on that situation. 

To learn about our advertising services or products, please choose the advertising solution that is best suited to your needs:

- Looking for a full Pay-Per-Signup hosting and advertising package ?....... Click Here
- Need an email list to market to? ....................................................Click Here

- For a complete email marketing and hosting solution, Click here
- To signup for our dedicated webpage hosting only Click here

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