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The following is the terms and conditions of agreement between EXMG, and you, the "Client", for email marketing services or bulletproof hosting services. These terms and conditions are all agreed upon by you, the "client", by signing our agreement contract.

. Right to Refusal : EXMG and reserve the right to refuse any or all service based on our company policy of respectable marketing practices at anytime. EXMG, hold a strict rules and regulation for our email marketing and bulletproof hosting servers. EXMG and will not host or email broadcast for illegal sexual content, illegal pirated software, hate or discrimination message or website of any type.

. Email Marketing Campaign: The client acknowledge and agree upon that there are no guarantees of successes on email marketing campaigns. Like any form of traditional advertisement, email marketing has its success and failures due to marketing conditions or other factors. EXMG and cannot be held liable for an unsuccessful email marketing campaign outside of our immediate control.

. Bulletproof Hosting Account : EXMG and work very hard to provide our clients a hosting environment for websites during their email marketing campaign. The client acknowledges and agrees upon that any hosting account provided to the client on an as is basis and that the client knows the technical layout of the hosting environment. EXMG and reserve that right to pull down any site that threatens other hosting clients on the server due to ill marketing practices or unapproved content. All content of hosted website must be approved prior to uploading upon our servers. EXMG and reserve the right to cancel any account.

. Dedicated Email Server : EXMG and lease the use of our servers for email marketing purposes. "Client" acknowledges and agrees upon that the use of dedicated email server requires a certain technical knowledge of servers and it environment. EXMG will provide set up assistance at no charge but any technical support beyond set up is billed at any hourly rate determined by EXMG or All emails broadcast from our servers must have a working "opt-out" option and each request opt out must be honored.

. Payment: The "client" acknowledges and agrees upon that all financial information given to EXMG or (credit card) is lawfully theirs and true. The "client" acknowledges that all payments are due in advance and that EXMG and maintain a no refund policy after an email marketing campaign is executed or a hosting account is set up. In an event that EXMG and receive a charge back after services are rendered an additional $100.00 US dollars plus court cost and collection fees will be assessed to the amount of money owed.

. Indemnification: The client agrees and acknowledges to hold EXMG, and all their employees harmless from any liability, loss, claims, and expenses related to any or all email marketing campaigns or hosting services.

Client agrees to review these terms and conditions prior to contracting EXMG and for any services and by contracting any service shall be deemed acceptance of terms and conditions.


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